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[event current=”current” date=”May 2022 – Current” title=”Product Manager” sub_title=”5centsCDN Inc.”]Always looking for Cool Projects & Ideas to build, Passionate about Designing & Development.[/event]
[event date=”May 2019 – May 2022″ title=”Senior Project Manager” sub_title=”Draftss”]I have delivered creative and engaging solutions across brand identity, print, packaging, and UI/UX. I have also worked as a Client Servicing Executive, where I helped clients find the subject and medium that best fits their business and unique identity.[/event]
[event date=”2018″ title=”Operations Manager” sub_title=”EventBaba”]Alhumdullilah! Successfully completed 100+ events in less than 3 months of internship![/event]
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[event date=”2015 – 2016″ title=”SSC Board” sub_title=”Victoria High School”]I have completed my 10th from Victoria High School[/event]
[event date=”2017 – 2018″ title=”HSC Board” sub_title=”Mumbai University”]I have completed my 12th from R.D. National College, Mumbai[/event]


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[skill title=”HTML5″ percent=”60″]
[skill title=”CSS3″ percent=”55″]
[skill title=”jQuery” percent=”35″]
[skill title=”WordPress” percent=”98″]


[skill title=”Illustrator” percent=”80″]
[skill title=”Canva” percent=”98″]
[skill title=”Figma” percent=”90″]


[testimonial image=”https://zaverizwan.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/testo-01.jpg” title=”Vincent Wood” sub_title=”CEO / Gravity Inc.”]He is a great and hardworking guy. I am so proud of i have him as my asistant. He helped me so much. Also i am so proud of i have him as my asistant. He helped me so much.[/testimonial]
[testimonial image=”https://zaverizwan.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/testo-02.jpg” title=”Gary Morgan” sub_title=”Chemist / Freelancer”]He was a great co-worker and a friend. I would’t be where i am without his support.[/testimonial]
[testimonial image=”https://zaverizwan.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/testo-03.jpg” title=”Jason Wilson” sub_title=”Lab Geek / Miami Metro”]He is ok. I don’t really know him. He looks nice.[/testimonial]